Membership benefits will extend the first 5-years of the Restaurant’s operations. At the end of the first 5-year term you may choose to opt out of the program, or renew the membership for a second 5-year term. 

There is a $25K initiation to join the Founder’s Club. In return, members will receive a Food & Beverage Credit to be used during the first 5-year term. If an opt-out is requested at the end of the first term, whatever dollar amount has not been used in Food & Beverage Credits may be reimbursed to the Member. If a second term is activated, an additional $10K Food & Beverage Credit will be instituted and dollar reimbursements will be forgiven. 

Yes, you can use the Food & Beverage Credit towards every meal in the restaurant, but there are so many more opportunities. The Credit may be used towards your Private & Semi-Private events at Servino. Towards catering at your property or other approved off-site venues. Also, towards events at our 5-acre Historic Farm in Sonoma County. In other words, if you have any big Birthdays, Graduations or Marriages coming in the next decade, here is your chance to celebrate in style. 

We’ve made it so easy! The purchase of a Servino Founder’s Club Token will give you membership access for the first 5-year term. At that time we will issue you a Food & Beverage Credit, as well as an invitation and timeline to pre-Opening and Opening Events & Tastings. The Token can even be purchased via wire transfer, so that you can be miles towards that next trip to Italy! Who knows, there may be a Founder’s Field Trip overseas in the near future. Fill out the form to get started!

Need assistance? Email us at support@vicinft.com and we will get back within 24 hours.