Servino NFT Food & Wine Club Membership


Join the Servino family and other food and wine-loving community members back where it all began at the opening event for NFT Food & Wine Club Members as we move back to Ark Row in 2022. The VIP experiences continue after the opening celebration with unlimited access to a never before offered Cellar Wine list and special access to “off-menu” items exclusive to our NFT Community. You will have priority reservation privileges at Food and Wine events, producer tastings, and product releases. With the Servino NFT Food & Wine Club, continue learning and expanding your love of wine with curated wine pairings and wine collection consultations with Natale Servino. 

With the membership, you’ll enter a family of food and wine-obsessed connoisseurs who are excited to experience the finest food and wine products coming out of Italy and so much more. This membership is limited in quantity, so become one of the first to join this inaugural launch. Membership of this club is hosted on the blockchain for ease of in-person use and unique experiences.

Each member will receive a unique digital token designed by artist Kathryn Servino. The token will live in a digital wallet created for you to access exclusive offers for Servino NFT Food & Wine Club members.

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Servino VIP NFT Benefits

Servino NFT Food & Wine Club Membership

  • Two tickets to a pre-opening NFT Food & Wine Club Reception on Ark Row
  • Access to the Servino Wine Library
  • Off-menu specialty dishes
  • Wine Collection Consultations with Natale Servino
  • Priority Reservations  to Food & Wine Events, Producer Tastings, and Product Releases